> Innovative new Blade Inspection System launched

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Oct 11, 2013

Innovative new Blade Inspection System launched

RTS International and Limpet Technology have today announced an exclusive partnership to use the Limpet® L5 multifunctional height safety systems for wind turbine blade inspection work in the UK.

The partnership combines RTS’ expertise in servicing wind turbines with Limpet’s innovative L5 multifunctional height safety system to deliver a solution that makes turbine blade inspection faster, safer and more efficient than ever before.

The announcement follows 12 months of collaboration between the RTS and Limpet teams to develop the process. A successful deployment of the solution at the EDF owned Langley wind farm near Durham at the end of September, proved beyond doubt the commercial and safety benefits of using the Limpet® L5 as a remote controlled personnel hoist for blade inspectors.

Chris Palmer, Managing Director of RTS International commented, “The Limpet L5 ensures our turbine inspection and cleaning services can be completed more safely and efficiently. The biggest benefits for us are that rescue can be carried out quickly from the control box on the ground with no need for a rescuer to go to height. Secondly, fatigue on our technicians is dramatically reduced since they don’t need to climb the tower each before inspecting each blade. Since we typically work within a maximum daily ladder climb limit of 240 metres, our guys can only do three or four blades before they have to stop. With Limpet®, the inspectors hoist themselves to the top of the blade before lowering back down and so the climbing limit becomes irrelevant.” He added, “We can now inspect as many blades as time and conditions allow. This helps to maximize our efficiency and minimize the turbines downtime.”

Stephen Cornwallis, Chief Executive of Limpet Technology stated: “Products such as the Limpet® L5 have been developed specifically to deliver value through increased safety and productivity. We have worked long and hard with RTS to develop an approach to turbine blade inspection that will greatly benefit the inspectors as well as the owners and operators of the turbines. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside a company like RTS that has great practical know-how and a strong desire to innovate and differentiate.” He went on, “RTS International is not just our partner for turbine inspection and cleaning services in the UK but is also a trained and competent partner for the installation and maintenance of our products in the UK and overseas market.”

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